Certified for the High Seas

Marine Carpet Sales specializes in the Sales and Service of certified flooring products that meet Federal Specification DDD-C-95, Military Standard 1623E, USCG Standard SFLC 6341, IMO and USCG protected waters requirements.

Marine Carpet Sales, In Stock, offerings meet US Navy and US Coast Guard requirements and are IMO/FTP Code Certified under certificates: 164.117 / 1121 / WCL MED 0490TE 164.117 / 1121 / WCL MED 0488TE and 164.117 / 1121 / WCL MED0491TE

This portfolio of carpets features superior durability, excellent appearance retention, flexible installation procedures and outstanding sound absorption qualities.




The DDD-C-95 Type II, Class One/Military Standard 1623

The DDD-C-95 Type II, Class One/Military Standard 1623E

Offering features a 52-ounce pencil point cut pile construction for the ultimate in comfort and appearance.

The DDD-C-95 Type II, Class Two/Military Standard 1623

The DDD-C-95 Type II, Class Two/Military Standard 1623E

Offering features a 42-ounce level loop with tweed and solid colorations for more demanding performance requirements.

The DDD-C-95 Type II, Class Four/Military Standard 1623

The DDD-C-95 Type II, Class Four/Military Standard 1623E

Offering features a 44-ounce multi-level loop pin dot for a classic look and long term performance characteristics.

The DDD-C-95 Type VI, Class Six/Military Standard 1623E

The DDD-C-95 Type IV, Class Six/Military Standard 1623E

Offering features a 28-ounce loop in a 24"x 24" cushion backed carpet tile. A format that provides hassle free installation and removal.

Patterned Carpets for Marine Applications

Patterned Carpets for Marine Applications

US Coast Guard Compliant for Protected Waters

Patterned 36 and 42 ounce ultra-dense cut pile carpets featuring (100% Nylon) fiber for outstanding performance and durability.

Carpet Pad

Designed Expressly for Marine Use

Carpet padding serves as the foundation for the carpet, protects and keeps the underside of your carpet from wearing against the bare floor. It also helps the impact of heavy furniture and foot traffic.

A pad makes cleaning your carpet more efficient, reduces allergic reactions and provides thermal and acoustical insulation.

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Credentials and Certifications

The carpets that we offer meet the Federal Specification DDD-C-95 along with Military Standard 1623E, SFLC 6341 and Federal Specification DDD-C-95 requirements. They are approved under the IMO/FTP requirements and have Lloyd’s Register Certificate of Fire Approval. They are accepted for compliance with Lloyd’s Register Rules and Regulations and with the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). Our products are the most thoroughly tested carpets made in the U.S.

WCL Approved
US Coast Guard Approved
ISO Approved
Environmentally Friendly Carpet
Made in the USA

Companies We Represent

Marine Carpet Sales is focused on outstanding customer service and conducting our business with integrity and efficiency. Working with and representing these companies ensures we maintain our principles.

American Olean
Amitco International
Forbo Flooring Systems
Shannon Specialty Floors
Lonseal Marine Flooring

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