Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does "certified carpet" mean?

There are defined requirements that must be met for the carpet to be “approved” for shipboard use. The carpets that we offer meet Federal Specification DDD-C-95 along with Military Standards 1623E and SFLC 6341 (US Navy and US Coast Guard). They are approved under IMO/FTP requirements. They are accepted with the International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). Our products are the most thoroughly tested US made carpets for marine applications.

Q: What advantages does carpet have over hard surfaces?

Carpet has numerous advantages over hard surface materials. First of all, it provides a quieter and relaxed environment. Wool carpets also provide “climate control” by naturally removing and adding moisture to the environment. Carpet has significant advantages in the slip/fall area and it does not require chemical strippers and solvents to remove finishes like some hard surface materials do. Carpet also acts as a trap to hold dirt and particulates until they can be removed by vacuuming.

Q: Your carpets are made of wool, why is that important?

First of all, several Federal Specifications require it. Secondly, it makes sense from a safety perspective because wool will not ignite and exhaust harmful chemicals like synthetic fibers can.

Q: Your carpets are woven, how does that help performance?

Woven carpets are constructed in one unit. The face fiber (wool) is tied together with the foundation yarns to create an integral base. This construction has been proven time and time again to outperform tufted carpets that are constructed in a layering process that relies on adhesive binders to hold the product together.

Q: What does ISO 9002 Certified manufacturing location mean?

The International Standards Organization is an independent organization that conducts regular checks to make sure that specifications and production standards are being met. This certification means that you can depend on our products meeting the specifications and test results that are listed in our literature.

Q: The Federal Government has directed the use of environmentally friendly materials when possible. Does your carpet meet the criteria?

Yes. Marine Carpet Sales is proud to feature carpets that excel in this area. The Wool Fiber we use for the face yarn is a rapidly renewable resource that has very little environmental impact to produce.

The Woven Construction that we use requires a minimal amount of chemical binders and additive synthetic backings. Woven carpets also have an extended life cycle over alternative manufacturing processes. The longer your carpet stays on the floor the longer it has no negative environmental impact. When a wool carpet does lose its usefulness, a large percentage of the product will naturally degrade with no toxic issues.

Q: When ordered, how long does it take to get the carpet?

Of course, that depends on your location, but as a general rule, we will process the order the same day and it will be in transit the following day. Destinations in the Southeast usually run 2 to 5 days. Destinations on the West Coast will take approximately 5 to 7 days. However, we have several options for expedited freight including air transportation and dedicated truck lines, if you have to meet an accelerated delivery schedule.

Q: What are your payment options?

We will accept a company check (after approval). We also can take Visa or MasterCard payments. Our standard payment terms are, NET 30 Days.